Points Of Contact For Rebuild Dominica

On Saturday August 29, 2015, Dominicans, Caribbean nationals and their American neighbours gathered at the sanctuary of the Evangel Assembly in Temple Hills, Maryland under the auspices of Pastor St. Clair Mitchel to launch Rebuild Dominica.

At this meeting, officers and committee chairs were elected to manage the activities of Rebuild Dominica charged with the responsibility to reach out to existing Dominica diaspora associations and friends to maximise the effect of our collective relief efforts.

Please feel free to reach out to the people below to join us as we forge ahead to rebuild Dominica stronger than ever.


Name Position Contact Information
Gabriel Christian Chair 301-661-3280
Sasha Shillingford Vice Chair and Government Liaison 202-257-4458
Cecil “B.J.” Lockhart Secretary 202-270-5505
Billy Robinson Associate Secretary
David Winston Treasurer 240-605-1560
Chardelle Moore Spokesperson 571-490-6482
Adella Toulon-Foerster Associate Spokesperson adella.toulon@gmail.com
Avril P. Bertrand Event Planner 240-535-5344
Reginald Vigilant IT Director 703-851-7947
Derrick Williams, III
Michael Davis
Claire Nelson
Christian McCoy
Government Liaisons

Committee Members and Points of Contact

Area Committee Members
Agriculture, Economic Development, and Investment Clayton Shillingford
B.J. Lockhart
Stephen Matthews
Christine McCoy
Medical Care Tomenka Ettinoffe
Michael Davis
Rebuilding and Infrastructure Jerome Austrie
Shipping and Logistics Francis Richards
Education and Social Media Steve Foerster

5 thoughts on “Points Of Contact For Rebuild Dominica

  1. Hi I wanna help rebuild Dominica. Is there a fundraising website I could go to so I could raise money over in the UK to send to you for aid?

  2. Thanks, Natasha. We’re setting up a 501(c)(3) non-profit organisation now (the U.S. equivalent to a registered charity) and we’ll have accounts set up shortly thereafter. We’ll have more information soon. In the meantime, the Government of Dominica has set up accounts for donations should you wish to go that route, or I’m sure that many civil society organisations in Dominica would be delighted to receive help.

  3. Thanks I was hoping because I am going to university I wanted to do a PowerPoint presentation on the hurricane and its devastating effects on Roseau from which I heard was hit pretty badly. I would like to send one to the school I just left who are very good at fundraising and also to my and another university close to me. Is it ok if I email one to you once I am finished? I am aiming before the 7th of September 2015 to get it ready.

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