Dominica’s official RELIEF DRIVE

Dominica’s official RELIEF DRIVE will be held by on Saturday OCTOBER 7th 2017 by The Embassy of the Commonwealth of Dominica to the United States of America. The donation drive will begin at 10 a.m. EST.

Members of the Dominican diaspora and other surrounding islands can drop off donations a the parking lot of the Organization of American States (OAS) ADM Building .

The OAS is located at 19th Street and Constitution Ave., N.W., Washington, D.C. 20006. Flyer with details below.

Bahamas Pledge To Accept Students and Other Dominicans With Families

As the small Caribbean country of Dominica prepares to rebuild after being devastated by Hurricane Maria last week, Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis yesterday pledged to accept students and other Dominicans with families in The Bahamas.

Minnis made the revelation following a meeting with Dominican Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit at Jet Aviation.

Read full story online at 285327_507850009253934_891265281_n

Updates from the Government of Dominica Press Brief of 25 September 2017

Note: There will be a daily brief at 10 am.

  • Special charters from Barbados landing at 11 am at the Douglas Charles Airport. Relief supplies will be sent to undisclosed area to then distribute to cut off areas only.
  • Dutch and British ships docked will be filling water trucks to supply to communities to ensure they have a bulk supply.
  • PMH to be fully powered by tomorrow Tuesday 26th.
  • DOMLEC will focus on powering the essential service first, then move on to private residences.
  • DOWASCO’s main supply at Antrim is under works. The tanks are already full as they were shut off before Hurricane Maria. It will be functional tomorrow evening where there will be an assessment of leaks.
  • DOWASCO’s pipes at Marigot are mostly intact. Once access has been made, water will be restored.
  • Water system recovery at Portsmouth is still ongoing. Water is available in Veille Case. The Belles, Penrice, Sylvania water system will be fully restored tomorrow.
  • Digicel has 3 sites functional with limited service from Pointe Michel to Jimmit.
  • FLOW has service at DBS, Roseau, Canefield and Morne Daniel with coverage as far as Coulibistrie.
  • Vehicle access:
    • Melville Hall to Roseau through Canefield on to Castle Bruce through the KT.
    • Pond Case to Hatton Garden access will be functional by the end of the week.
    • Melville Hall to Portsmouth road is open.
    • Good Hope to Roseau is open.
    • Roseau Valley to Trafalgar to Roseau access by the end of today.
    • Roseau to the Wall house junction is open.
    • The Grandfond and La Plaine roads to Roseau are accessible.
  • Palestine Aid is in Marigot, providing hot meals and water etc.
  • There will be a call for persons to clean the roads. UNDP has committed $3 Million to facilitate the payment to these persons. There will be further information given within the communities where persons can show interest in doing so.
  • Confirmed deaths: 27, Confirmed missing: 27, Unconfirmed missing: 18 A list will be made public by tomorrow (tentatively).
  • Four prisoners escaped last night (3 on remand and 1 serving a term). 2 have been captured and are currently nursing gunshot wounds at the PMH.
  • 46 arrested looters. 86 arrested for breaking curfew. Curfew has changed from 4pm to 6am to 4pm to 8am.