Rebuild Dominica, Inc. Scholarship Program

Deadline for submission has been extended to August 1, 2023.

Please download attached the Rebuild Dominica, Inc. Scholarship Application form provided in the link below.

Rebuild Dominica, Inc names its new scholarship in partnership with The Piney Woods School in the Honor of Alwin Bully: Scholar, Artist, Educator, UNESCO Director for the Caribbean and Designer of the Dominica Flag.

“Accordingly, The Piney Woods School is honored to have the 2023 Dominica Scholarship provided to Rebuild Dominica, Inc., be named in honor of Mr. Alwin Bully. In so doing, the scholarship recipient, coupled with our relationship in education with the people of Dominica and its diaspora, represents a living testament to the noble life’s work of one who is arguably a national hero.”

Like Laurence Jones, who founded The Piney Woods School in 1909, Alwin Bully was a transformative figure whose educational work enhanced the quality of life in The Commonwealth of Dominica.

Recognition of Mr. Bully’s work by the United Nations Education Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), with which he served as a Cultural Director for the Caribbean, meant his work exceeded the boundaries of Dominica.

The Rebuild Dominica Inc. Scholarship offers The Piney Woods School the opportunity to expand their Global Footprint to Dominica and to welcome a Dominican scholar to The Piney Woods School Community!