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EMO News Features Judge Irving André & Other Rebuild Dominica Partners At Canada-Dominica Scholarship Foundation (CANDO) Award Ceremony

EMO News: CANDO Scholarship Disbursement Ceremony ft. Judge Irving Andre

Message from Rebuild Dominica President, Mr. Gabriel J. Christian, Esq.

We thank Emeline Anselm of EMO News for the featured documentary.

Rebuild Dominica shares featured interview of the nonprofit booster Judge Irving André of Canada  as he awards scholarships during this year’s Scholarship Disbursement Ceremony — held on behalf of the Canada-Dominica Scholarship Foundation (CANDO) — to deserving students in Dominica at Portsmouth.

The ceremony  was hosted by President of the Portsmouth Community Watch Foundation, Adenauer “Washway” Douglas, and  took place on March 27, 2019 at the St John’s Academy in Portsmouth.

In a 2012 interview with Brampton Guardian, André shared that his father was “forced to abandon his dream of post-secondary education because his family couldn’t pay the tuition.” This reality prompted a then-young André to make it his personal mission to nurture his father’s dream and come to the aid of students with similar financial disadvantages.

CANDO was established in 2011 and continues its support of Dominican students who are in need to fulfill its mission of assisting disadvantaged young people and helping them achieve greatness in academics.

CANDO’s membership consists of Dominicans residing in Ontario, Canada, and other persons who have some association with the island and /or its citizens. The organization has raised funds through personal donations, and since 2011, has given fifteen scholarships to deserving Canadian students of Dominican ancestry.

Such community development initiatives by local and overseas Dominicans working together have the full endorsement of Rebuild Dominica and is encouraged. It is by such self-reliant collaborative efforts among different organizations and individuals we shall rebuild our homeland.

Photo of Judge Irving André courtesy of Brampton Guardian.

Rebuild Dominica Mourns With Ethiopians After Airline Crash

A long-time friend and supporter of Rebuild Dominica Inc., Mr. Mel Tewahade, shares his thoughts on the recent Ethiopian Airlines crash, which took the lives of many.

Mel Tewahade

Tewahade is a financial adviser and a community developer who has a passionate interest in helping people reach their potential and giving back as he has been given. His Colorado-based financial management company, Infinity Wealth Management Inc., was one of the first businesses to come to Dominica’s aid after Tropical Storm Erika — at the founding of Rebuild Dominica Inc. The following is Tewahade’s perspective after the news broke regarding the Ethiopian Airlines plane crash:

“As we pray and ponder on the tragedy that befallen us on flight ET302 this morning, let us remember that after the mourning comes a season of hopefulness. We cry for the victims today, but tomorrow we pick up the pieces and get busy building a better Ethiopia.”

Read the full article online at The Ghion Journal by clicking the image link below:

New Partnership With Dominica Botanic Gardens

The Dominica Botanic Gardens (DBG) partners with Rebuild Dominica, Inc for 2019. As the first of its kind in the Caribbean, DBG was formed through a collaboration and from the recommendations of the Diaspora Policy Paper prepared by the Dominica Academy of Arts and Science (DAAS) for the Dominica Government, and delivered in October 2004.

According to the DBG About page, “one of the recommendations was the improvement of the Botanic Gardens — as a retreat where Dominicans can appreciate and enjoy nature, as a national gem we can be proud of, and as an important tourist attraction. These improvements would include replanting the exotic trees destroyed by Hurricane David or which died from disease, re-establishing the economic crops section, reopening the Upper Garden Path and Jackswalk, and developing specialized mini-gardens such as heliconia, anthurium, rose and orchid mini-gardens, among other initiatives.”

The DBG website  showcases the Gardens and its potential, for the benefit of local and international Botanic Gardens enthusiasts, and then to be a vehicle for the redevelopment and maintenance of the Gardens.

DBG acknowledges the assistance of personnel from Kew Gardens, the Botanic Gardens Conservation International (BGCI), and the Forestry Division of Dominica.  This includes acknowledgement of the contribution of Dr Dennis Adams, former Botany Professor at the University of the West Indies, Dr Dan Nicolson  of the Smithsonian Institution and author of Flora of Dominica, Part 2: Dicotyledoneae,  Ms. Suzanne Sharrock  of BGCI, and  Mr. Colin Bully  of Dominica, a past Curator of the Gardens. Mr. Eric Hypolite of the Dominica Forestry Division and Dr. Loudes Rico of Kew helped with plant identification.

Rebuild Dominica, Inc invites all to learn more by visiting