Alessandra Benjamin Face Mask Project

The shortage of medical protective face masks has not helped with slowing the COVID-19 pandemic. To combat forseen shortages in Dominica, designer Alessandra Benjamin, offers a template for constructing suitable face masks and sees the negative economic fallout from the novel coronavirius is an opportunity to rebuild. Benjamin, a member of Rebuild Dominica Inc, provided the following images and quote to be shared with the … Continue reading Alessandra Benjamin Face Mask Project

COVID-19: Dr. Sam’s Call to Action!

Dr. Sam — Medical Director for Rebuild Dominica, Inc. — addresses all Dominicans via the new Dominica Virus Defence (DVD) Facebook Group. Please watch and share the video below. We encourage everyone near and far to stay safe and exercise maximum hygiene and social distancing techniques learned as we battle this pandemic. Learn more about the current state and get frequent updates via the following … Continue reading COVID-19: Dr. Sam’s Call to Action!