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Cadet Strong: A Video Feature of Young Heroes of Dominica

(Washington – DC) Formed at Evangel Assembly Church in Maryland, on August 29, 2015, and to provide relief and recovery to The Commonwealth of Dominica and its stricken people, Rebuild Dominica, Inc. was formed. Through the generosity of Pastor St. Clair Mitchell, and just 2 days after more than 20 Dominicans lost their lives and over 100 more lost their homes, the founding meeting of this nonprofit was held.

The featured video, donated to Rebuild Dominica, Inc. by Dan Feliciano of the Gabriel Christian Law Offices’ Technical Team, is aimed at generating support for the Dominica Cadet Corps in aid of its relief and recovery mission in the wake of Tropical Storm Erika. Rebuild Dominica is thankful for the efforts of documentary maker, Dan Feliciano of Maryland, for his efforts in capturing the spirit of these young leaders. The contribution of Lieutenant Oneil LeBlanc allowed the video to feature photos of some cadets in action.

The Dominica Cadet Corps’ mission is to train each Cadet to become the personnel backbone of The Commonwealth of Dominica’s disaster relief efforts; in the event of a hurricane, volcano or other such disaster. Cadets develop special qualities of courage, leadership, sportsmanship, spirit of camaraderie, team work and self confidence. The purpose of Cadet Corps activities are to make every Cadet a nation builder, while making them sensitive to the needs and problems of the under-privileged and contribute meaningfully toward enriching community.


The Dominica Cadet Corps has gained a partner in Rebuild Dominica, Inc. This is a partnership of civic leadership and community development, based on the service organization founded at the Dominica Grammar School in 1910. Members of the Cadet Corps are high school students between the ages of eleven and eighteen.

This video illustrates Rebuild Dominica’s adopted philosophy of Koudmen: cooperative self help. This philosophy has been at the core of successful community building efforts in Dominica for generations. Rebuild Dominica Chairman, Gabriel Christian, shared the following:

At a time when divisive and selfish values have gained ascendancy, the devastation of Erika has taught us that our very survival depends on our being able to look out for the best interests of our friends and neighbors; not just ourselves.”

Rebuild Dominica calls on all Dominicans and supporters of The Commonwealth of Dominica to promote leadership by applauding the Dominica Cadet Corps for being silent giants: putting community and service above all. This video captures the noble conduct of the cadets in disaster relief efforts following Tropical Storm Erika. This is an inspiration to all who watch and a call to donate to the purchase of gear for the cadet program.

Non-material support, mentors and encouragement of these brave young leaders would also be much appreciated. Rebuild Dominica, Inc. calls on all those desirous of helping these young men and women who support rebuilding efforts in Dominica to donate generously.

About the Dominica Cadet Corps

The Dominica Cadet Corps‘ objective is to develop qualities of, discipline, equity, reason, faith, democracy, civic duty, leadership, courage, secular outlook, spirit of adventure, sportsmanship comradeship, respectful appreciation of the history of The Commonwealth of Dominica, its people and the importance of its national independence. In addition, the program intends to impart a zealous spirit of initiative and “can do attitudes” and ideals of selfless service amongst youth to make them useful and loyal citizens of the Commonwealth of Dominica. Each Cadet will be dedicated to strengthening of the fabric of discipline at all schools of which they are a part and at which they are expected to provide exemplary leadership. Every serious country maintains a platform for the systematic diffusion of service to country principles among youth, and the Cadet program intends to achieve that aim.


This write-up was prepared by the Media Relations Team at Rebuild Dominica. For more information regarding this post, contact LaDàna Drigo at 202.670.6489 or info@AbovePrestigePR.com.

Initial Washington, D.C. Area Donation Drop Off Points

If you would have supplies you would like to drop off to be shipped to Dominica and distributed where the need is greatest, the following two locations have stepped up to accept them:

Evangel Assembly
5900 Old Branch Avenue
Temple Hills, MD 20748
Tel.: 301-899-5940

Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri: 9am to 5pm
Wed: 9am to 8pm

ZD Autos
3001 52nd Avenue
Hyattsville, MD 20781
Tel.: 301-699-0700

Monday through Friday: 8am to 8pm

Our heartfelt thanks go to both of these locations. More locations will be announced as organisation proceeds.

Points Of Contact For Rebuild Dominica

On Saturday August 29, 2015, Dominicans, Caribbean nationals and their American neighbours gathered at the sanctuary of the Evangel Assembly in Temple Hills, Maryland under the auspices of Pastor St. Clair Mitchel to launch Rebuild Dominica.

At this meeting, officers and committee chairs were elected to manage the activities of Rebuild Dominica charged with the responsibility to reach out to existing Dominica diaspora associations and friends to maximise the effect of our collective relief efforts.

Please feel free to reach out to the people below to join us as we forge ahead to rebuild Dominica stronger than ever.


Name Position Contact Information
Gabriel Christian Chair 301-661-3280
Sasha Shillingford Vice Chair and Government Liaison 202-257-4458
Cecil “B.J.” Lockhart Secretary 202-270-5505
Billy Robinson Associate Secretary
David Winston Treasurer 240-605-1560
Chardelle Moore Spokesperson 571-490-6482
Adella Toulon-Foerster Associate Spokesperson adella.toulon@gmail.com
Avril P. Bertrand Event Planner 240-535-5344
Reginald Vigilant IT Director 703-851-7947
Derrick Williams, III
Michael Davis
Claire Nelson
Christian McCoy
Government Liaisons

Committee Members and Points of Contact

Area Committee Members
Agriculture, Economic Development, and Investment Clayton Shillingford
B.J. Lockhart
Stephen Matthews
Christine McCoy
Medical Care Tomenka Ettinoffe
Michael Davis
Rebuilding and Infrastructure Jerome Austrie
Shipping and Logistics Francis Richards
Education and Social Media Steve Foerster