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 Remembering the Victims of Tropical Storm Erika

Koudmen - Post Erika

 Remembering the Victims of Tropical Storm Erika

Rebuild Dominica Inc. Continues to Highlight Reconstruction Efforts


Washington, D.C. (August 27, 2016) – Today marks the one-year anniversary of the devastating floods which wreaked havoc on the beautiful Nature Island of the Caribbean. We remember the many lives lost during Tropical Storm Erika and look ahead in order to pay respects to their memory. What better way to celebrate the Dominicans who lost their lives than to stand together in solidarity. Rebuild Dominica, Inc. forges ahead in the nonprofit’s support of reconstruction on The Commonwealth of Dominica.

One such advancement is the partnership with the University of Maryland at Eastern Shore (UMES) which will offer a $5,000 USD scholarship to Caribbean islanders and International students who register as students of UMES. The grant will assist with out-of-state tuition fees. An additional partnership between Dominica State College and UMES was also formed this year. Rebuild Dominica, Inc. similarly encourages UMES to aid Dominica’s agricultural processing competence on-island. Two Food Technology professors from UMES visited Dominica in May to teach an agro-processing seminar on food preservation (May 18 – 20). This partnership will be shared with other Caribbean nations to continue the spirit of community exhibited during TS Erika relief.

Furthermore, Rebuild Dominica, Inc. continues its fundraising campaign to provide much-needed uniforms and gear for the Cadet Corps units in Dominica. A donation of recycled military uniforms was received by Dominican-born and retired U.S. military veteran, Dorival Drigo. The donation will be shipped in the coming month via Caribbean Cargo DC; a long-time sponsor of the organization. The shipment will be the first of many supplies to benefit the Dominica Cadet Corps whose spirit of courage reflect the spirit of its people.

A more recent development is the newly formed Dominican Association for the Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia area which launched on June 6th 2016. Their mission is to create a forum/social club where all Dominicans located in in the D.C., Maryland, and Virginia area may join to uplift and support the development of their homeland through educational, cultural, and charitable initiatives. The association’s first meeting will be held in Silver Spring, Maryland on Saturday, September 17th 2016.

“Folks, we are on our way. Let us persevere in the path of victory!” proclaimed Gabriel Christian during Rebuild Dominica, Inc.’s board meeting a few days prior to the eve of anniversary of TS Erika. The path that is true and faithful will not be easy. As The Commonwealth of Dominica continues reconstruction efforts, members of the Diaspora and supporters of The Commonwealth of Dominica are invited to share information and resources by visiting http://www.RebuildDominica.org.

About Rebuild Dominica, Inc.

Rebuild Dominica, Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Washington, DC. Its mission is to raise and distribute funds, expertise and material resources in support of the recovery and reconstruction efforts of communities on The Commonwealth of Dominica that were impacted by floods from TS Erika.

Rebuild Dominica, Inc. aims to make a sustainable, long term impact, and focuses on programs that address the unmet needs of communities around Dominica. The organization is inspired by the spirit of volunteerism, team work and cooperative self-help. Dominica has a long heritage of working together for the common good. In Dominica’s French creole language, those values of community self-help have a name; it is called: Koudmen. Rebuild Dominica serves to personify this spirit of Koudmen.

October 19th interview on BronxNet TV Network about the work of Rebuild Dominica

Former Ambassador to the United Nations – Crispin Gregoire, featured on the October 19th 2015  interview on BronxNet TV Network (Lehman College, City University of New York) about the work of Rebuild Dominica.


Rebuild Dominica On A Campaign To Assist Dominica’s Cadet Corps


by Tarnia Green

“Rebuild Dominica Inc,” a non- profit relief organization based in Washington DC, helping to rebuild Dominica after the devastation caused by Tropical Storm Erika, has embarked on a fund raising campaign to get much needed funds towards the purchase of new uniforms and gear for the Cadet Corps units in Dominica.

IMG-20150901-WA0054The Cadet Corps institution which has been existence in Dominica for decades was established to develop qualities of discipline, equity, democracy, civic duty, leadership among the country’s youth. The Cadet Corps of Dominica was also set up to instill courage, a spirit of adventure, sportsmanship, comradeship, and respectful appreciation for the history of Dominica, and its people and the importance of its national independence.

Over the years, various cadet units at Secondary schools on the island have been active with members participating in parades, hikes, and community service projects. IMG-20150901-WA0047Following the Passage of Tropical Storm Erika late August 2015 in Dominica, Cadets from across the country were actively involved in assisting with clean up and relief efforts in various communities.

Former Cadet at the Dominica Grammar School (DGS) and current Cadet Captain and co-founder of “Rebuild Dominica”, Gabriel Christian said the work of the Cadet Corps units in Dominica should not go unnoticed.
“The young men and women of the Dominica Cadet Corps of which I am proud to be associated, continue to make valuable contributions towards the development of our beautiful country Dominica.

It is my hope that this fund raising drive by “Rebuild Dominica, “will give further impetus to the self-reliant efforts of our young people, who exhibited organization, discipline and steadfastness after the storm. In tribute to their courage and humanitarian service, it is incumbent upon us to rally to the assistance of our country and find ways to contribute to the nation-building mission of the Dominica Cadet Corps,” he said.

“We have always been interested in ensuring that the Cadet Corps in Dominica is sustained because these young people make such valuable contributions to our country,” he added. “We want to assist in the total development or the holistic development of our Cadet Corps. For many years the Dominica Cadet Units have been operating with the same uniforms. We really do need to assist in getting new uniforms for the young men and women,” he lamented.

Christian is hoping that all civic-minded Dominicans will heed to the call to support the Dominica Cadet Corps by making their financial contributions to the Rebuild Dominica organization. “Individuals interested in supporting the cause may donate online at http://www.rebuilddominica.org. Cheques made out should be to Rebuild Dominica Inc. but with the note “for the Dominica Cadet Corps” in the memo section,” he explained.

Retired Cadet Commandant, Major Francis Richards and Dominica born former Inspector of Detectives at Scotland Yard David Michael have been authorized by the Cadet Commandant Colonel David Andrew to seek assistance for the cadets at this time of need so they are better equipped for the continuing task of relief and recovery.

In June 2014, Gabriel Christian, through the Ministry of Youth Affairs made a presentation of books to the Dominica Cadet Corps. The reading material donated included books on leadership, on aerospace science and on global cultural studies.

Cadets Delivering Relief Supplies in Dominica
Cadets Delivering Relief Supplies in Dominica

This write-up was prepared by Tarnia Green on behalf of Rebuild Dominica. For more information regarding this post, contact Tarnia Green at chouyette@gmail.com.