Updated listing of the Board of Management for Rebuild Dominica Inc.

A meeting of the Executive members of Rebuild Dominica Inc was convened on October 6, 2015 at the office of Gabriel J. Christian & Associates.

Further to the discussions held including confirmation of the minutes of September 2, 2015, ratification of a Code of Ethics, Bi-Laws, and a Records Retention Policy, a revised Board of Directors was appointed to oversee the affairs of the organization listed as follows:

Name Surname Designation
Gabriel Christian Chairman
David Winston Treasurer
Chardelle Moore PRO / Media
LaDàna Drigo Publicist/Events
Reginald Vigilant IT Development
Adella Toulon Medical Liaison
Francis Richards Shipping & Logistics
Fitzroy Bertrand Land Development
Sam Christian Dominica Representative

A selection of Assistants and Resource Persons were also approved to ensure the effective and sustainable operations of the organization.