About Us

Koudmen - Post ErikaRebuild Dominica, Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit relief organisation based in the Washington, D.C. metro area.

We were founded by humanitarians determined to help rebuild Dominica in the wake of the devastation wrought by Tropical Storm Erika. This effort continues in support of disaster relief post-Hurricane Maria — the most horrendous assault Dominica has ever experienced.

Below are our current executive board staff, board members, and board assistants. Please feel free to reach out to the people below to join us as we forge ahead to rebuild Dominica stronger than ever!

Our Mailing Address:

Rebuild Dominica, Inc.

c/o Law Offices of Gabriel J. Christian & Associates, LLC
3060 Mitchellville Rd # 216, Bowie, MD 20716

Our Phone Number: (301) 218-9400



Gabriel Christian President (301) 661-3280 gabriel@gclawmd.com
 Barbara “Babs”  Phillip Fundraising Coordinator  bannphilip@gmail.com
David Winston Treasurer (240) 605-1560 dav_wins1@yahoo.com
Steve Foerster Information Technology (571) 243-3278 steve@stevefoerster.com
Francis Richards Logistics (210) 386-0779 francis@gclawmd.com
Lynton Scotland Chief Procurement Officer N/A lyntonscotland@gmail.com
LaDàna Drigo Chairwoman & Dir. Publicity (305) 720-0341 info@aboveprestigepr.com
Dexter Newton Chief Electrical Systems Repair N/A iyzan@hotmail.com
Dr. Dale Dangleben Dexter Director Medical Operations N/A dangleben1969@gmail.com
Mel Tewahade Corporate Outreach and Fundraising N/A mel@tewahade.com
Dr. Clayton Shillingford Agriculture Recovery Coordinator N/A shillica@aol.com
Dr. Bevin Etienne Director Technology Operations & Education N/A btetienne@gmail.com
Reginald Vigilant Vice President (703) 851-7947 reginald.vigilant@omnisystems.com
Errol Emmanuel Agriculture N/A errolemanuel52@gmail.com
Sammy Garraway Liaison Officer N/A n/a
Cecil (BJ) Lockhart Deputy Chairman (202) 270-5505 bj@lisdc.com
Chardelle Moore PRO (571) 490-6482 chardellemoore@gmail.com
Tarnia Green Media (767) 617-8811 thetarniagreenshow@gmail.com
 Charles Sharp Emergency Management  N/A  cdsharp@BlackEmergManagersAssociation.org
 Jay  Lightfoot Disaster Recovery Coordinator  N/A  jaylightfoot65@cox.net
 Murphy  Hill Electrical Systems Volunteer  melectrical74@gmail.com
Asst. PRO – TBD
Adella Toulon-Foerster Entrepreneurship (571) 357-9834 adella.toulon@gmail.com
Fitzroy Bertrand Land Development (301) 906-0519 fitzroy@resdllc.com
Dr. Sam J. Christian Coordinator Medical Operations (on-Island) (767) 265-0886 samchrn@gmail.com
Daphne Andrews Events/Catering N/A daphne_andrews@yahoo.com
Koby Maxwell Film Liaison (240) 755-6027 kobymaxwell@gmail.com
Billy Robinson Asst. Secretary (301) 256-7248 billyrobinson2@comcast.net
Derrick Williams Asst. IT (202) 203-9595 dw2dw3dw3@gmail.com
Michael Davis Asst. Medical Liaison (202) 705-1451 bwb.quality@gmail.com
Anelia Bertrand Asst. Events Liaison (301) 642-1899 anelia.bertrand@verizon.net
Barbara Eloi Asst. Logistics (240) 671-2862 barbeloi@yahoo.com
Davidson Lloyd Asst. Agriculture (767) 265-4399 davidson.lloyd@gmail.com
Mona Bruney Asst. Events (301) 466-1535 bruneymo@gmail.com
Gary Scotland Liaison (302) 373-2185 garyscotland@arikae.com
Nelson Pierre Engineer / Dominica (845) 784-0372
(767) 277-9704
Claire Nelson US Govt. Liaison (202) 907-6140 claire.nelson@yahoo.com
Clayton Shillingford Agriculture/Land Dev. (302) 239-9643 shillica@aol.com
Olive Sampson State Dept. Liaison (202) 510-0983 obsampson@gmail.com
Loughton Sargeant Entertainment (301) 346-9635 lsarg30921@aol.com

Founded in 2015 in the wake of the devastation wrought by Tropical Storm Erika, we are now organising relief from the direct hit by category five Hurricane Maria: the worst natural disaster in our nation's history.