Emergency Meeting Called by Rebuild Dominica President

An urgent message from Rebuild Dominica, Inc President: Gabriel Christian

Rebuild Dominica has been in touch with Trinidad & Tobago Ambassador Anthony Phillip Spencer this morning and former Air Guard Commander Tyrone Rodolfo…assets from the T&T Air Guard and Coast Guard are being readied to journey to Dominica ..weather permitting today,. Our allies are responding. The quality of our civil defense is wanting. Trust that we can unite to properly tend to business. Unity of purpose is key. This cannot be a repeat of Erika and the old system of divide and rule. The heavens have spoken and humbled the vanity of man..

We pray that life and limb have been spared on Dominica.

Emergency meeting of Rebuild Dominica at Evangel Assembly church at Camp Springs, MD at 7pm Tuesday 19th September. Our community, local allies, the diplomatic corps and Caribbean Disaster Relief and Recovery Alliance invited.

God guide us with wisdom, unity, faith , grace and an indomitable spirit as we aid our beloved homeland at this time.

May we brace ourselves to our duty!

More later.”