Rebuild Dominica Mourns With Ethiopians After Airline Crash

A long-time friend and supporter of Rebuild Dominica Inc., Mr. Mel Tewahade, shares his thoughts on the recent Ethiopian Airlines crash, which took the lives of many.

Mel Tewahade

Tewahade is a financial adviser and a community developer who has a passionate interest in helping people reach their potential and giving back as he has been given. His Colorado-based financial management company, Infinity Wealth Management Inc., was one of the first businesses to come to Dominica’s aid after Tropical Storm Erika — at the founding of Rebuild Dominica Inc. The following is Tewahade’s perspective after the news broke regarding the Ethiopian Airlines plane crash:

“As we pray and ponder on the tragedy that befallen us on flight ET302 this morning, let us remember that after the mourning comes a season of hopefulness. We cry for the victims today, but tomorrow we pick up the pieces and get busy building a better Ethiopia.”

Read the full article online at The Ghion Journal by clicking the image link below: