Standing In Solidarity With The Bahamas Following Hurricane Dorian

“God bless and keep our stricken Bahamian family and guide our mission to a beneficial end to those in need… We are all committed to aid our kith and kin in the Bahamas.”

The above quote is from Rebuild Dominica, Inc. President, Mr. Gabriel J. Christian, and the attitude that resonates with all members of Rebuild Dominica following the devastating blow The Bahamas received from Hurricane Dorian this week.

In 2017, Hurricane Maria dealt The Commonwealth of Dominica (Dominica) a very similar blow. And, years later, Dominica is just beginning to recover. Understanding the challenges that our neighbors in The Bahamas now face, Rebuild Dominica has offered to assist with recovery efforts via a relief collaborative.

Resource affiliates include electrical engineer Jerome Austrie who is currently working on potential emergency  solar power systems solutions. Additional resource persons include Caribbean Bishop Rex Cole — who leads a significant congregation in Florida — and faith-based leader in Florida engaged in relief missions; Norma Fontaine . Also included in the collaboration is Bahamian environmental scientist, Eleanor Phillips Garraway.

We stand in solidarity with The Bahamas and will work with a collaborative of church and civic groups, to include the Caribbean Disaster Relief and Recovery Alliance (CDRRA) to aid those in need at this sad time. May God help us help The Bahamas at its time of need.

For those interested in donating to The Bahamas Relief efforts, the following links may aid in determining where to send donations: Red Cross, CNN Impact, and the Bahamas Government.


Photo Credit: Shane Rounce