Castlebruce Farmer: Adrienne Bannis

Castlebruce farmer Adrienne Bannis shows off the bountiful harvest of mature breadfruit trees donated to Rebuild Dominica in 2016 by Dr. Julius Garvey the son of the Right Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey. Bannis has used the breadfruit harvested to build up his agro industry business. And now produces the best breadfruit chips on Dominica.

Another beautiful example of Caribbean unity, love, and collaborative effort between our Diaspora and home base. Dr. Garvey also donated hundreds of breadfruit trees to his home Island of Jamaica in 2016.

Breadfruit Chip Processor, Adrienne Banis, thanks Dr. Julius Garvey & Caribbean Agricultural Network

Featured below are some of the “Tropical Munch” products by the Bannis Family in Dominica: