Rebuild Dominica Agriculture

Rebuild Dominica intends to work with farmers, youth and students to promote agriculture science and increased agriculture production. The application of best practices in agriculture, protection of our soil cover, reforestation and proliferation of fruitful trees such as breadfruit will be our pathway to preservation of our precious top soil, and its beneficial use to boost productivity in our agriculture sector.

When you donate $100, it spade-whole-digger-rakewill allow us to buy a spade, hole digger and rake – along with some input and seeds/cultivars to help a farmer, urban garden, or school garden. To that end, we will partner with allies at the Dominica Ministry of Agriculture, Dominica State College, the Caribbean Agricultural Network (, and agriculture schools such as University of Maryland Eastern Shore ( to improve our agriculture sector and make it more resilient/sustainable.

Donate and give a farmer, or student, the tools to make a better life.

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