Koudmen - Post Erika
The collective effort

The management of REBUILD DOMINICA INC. is pleased to announce the first shipment of relief supplies to Dominica. Thanks to the collaboration and generosity of the management of Caribbean Cargo DC, (CCDC) spearheaded by fellow Dominican Ms. Barbara Eloi, twenty three (23) barrels, two (2) Crib/Mattresses, and one (1) small crate filed with an assortment of clothing, food, shoes, and other miscellaneous items were shipped from their warehouse on September 30, 2015. (See Fundraiser post of September 20, below). The Rebuild Dominica consignment occupied approximately 1/3rd of the space in a 40ft container estimated to arrive in Dominica on October 27th. 2015. CCDC gave a significant contribution towards the overall cost of the shipment.

On arrival, the in-country Rebuild Dominica Inc. team lead by Dr. Sam Christian will join forces with the Dominica Lions Club, the Dominic Cadet Corps and other Govt. agencies where necessary to manage the distribution of the supplies.

We wish to thank most profusely, all persons and agencies who contributed to the success of this first stage of the operations. Every effort will be made to monitor the anticipated successful outcome in Dominica.